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  5. This is a record about the relationships you encounter throughout your life. It’s about how sometimes you find the Perfect Person and the circumstances of your lives keep you apart. It’s about how long and weird and crazy life can be, how sometimes it feels like it never ends and you never learn anything new.

    This is not a happy or idealistic album.

    I think the overriding message of Something Wild, even with the sad songs, was that you can still hope and dream. I think this record is the opposite. What happened in the outside world while you were dreaming? What happens when you stop dreaming and start actually living your life? This record feels much more personal and real to me.” 


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    no offence but shakespeare never wrote a tragedy better than marvins room


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    Yooooo zoopraxiphone get on gchat plsssss I miss you

    aw hunni child sweet bb angel stardust dream boat

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